RCIS will jump into action for catastrophic events

by | Nov 18, 2022 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Often when we have events like the August 2020 Derecho, hailstorms, or any other catastrophic event, we are at our worst. Because of that, we want our insurance to be at its best. RCIS has been working to provide protection for farmers and ranchers across the country, providing liaison work with your Federal Crop Insurance elections and providing supplemental policies as well.

George Underwood is the Director of Catastrophic Claims and Customer Relations for RCIS. He says that when a major event happens or is happening, RCIS jumps into action with a large team of catastrophic adjustors.

Underwood talks about how they give their full attention to each policyholder at the time they are with you.

Underwood talks about how you can find out more information about the products and services RCIS can offer you.