Harvest all but wrapped up in Iowa

by | Nov 17, 2022 | 5 Ag Stories, News

With snow falling in Iowa this week, it is a reminder that the seasons will soon be changing, and fieldwork will be coming to a halt soon in the state. For the most part, we have been hearing that yields were somewhat better than expected in pockets of the state, while some never materialized at all thanks to a widespread drought in the western parts of the state.

As the combines and tillage tools are being cleaned up, parked and readied for storage, we are still seeing a few remnants of the harvest season and the after-harvest work that needs to be done. Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig talks with us about where the progress is in Iowa this week.

The tillage and fertilizer applications are getting closer to the finish line if they haven?t been crossed already. The temperatures and the snow are causing farmers to go as fast as they can just in case the snow is here to stay for a length of time.

The major concern this summer was what would be available to farmers for fall inputs. Naig says that while there have been a few isolated cases, for the most part things have run smoothly. Even though our export corridors are a different bucket of worms.

Naig says that the schedules from fall and spring are too tight to withstand of any length. A disruption would be a disaster.