Unlock 5 from Arysta maximizes your crop management timetable

by | Dec 13, 2018 | 5 Ag Stories, News, Trade Talk 2018

This past growing year posed a unique set of challenges. With the Ag economy being what it is, years like the one we just went through make us look at where we can improve. Arysta Life Science has a way of breaking things down for producers.

Audio: Full Interview with Lynn Justesen of Arysta Life Science

Arysta?s Lynn Justesen talks about the Unlock 5 program. It isn?t a product, but a systems approach. It breaks all crop growth into five stages.

Justesen says they analyzed these stages to determine if there were places they could improve upon crop management plans.

Justesen says the ultimate goal is to make the right choices at the right time to effect the right results.

If producers want more information, they are encouraged to visit the Arysta website.