Stine Seed excited to celebrate its 45th anniversary

by | Nov 6, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Bringing up a business in a small town can be a daunting challenge. Turning into a thriving business around your state is a dream that often goes unfulfilled. But, to turn that small-town business into a global player in any industry, without being swallowed up by the “big boys”, is a milestone to hang your hat on. That also makes the milestone anniversaries so much sweeter when they come around.

Adel, Iowa–based Stine Seeds is a company that has lived the dream that I just described. As they celebrate their forty-fifth year in business, they have a lot to look back on, and a lot to be proud of. Myron Stine is president of Stine, and he shares with IARN his thoughts on the longevity and success they have enjoyed.

For the longest time, Stine was strictly an Iowa-based company and slowly grew around the central U.S. However, once the ball got rolling, it picked up more and more momentum. That momentum has caused great expansion in the past few years.

Myron Stine elaborates how “being present” has allowed them to expand beyond his father’s dreams.

Stine says that one thing they are proud of is the fact that they have never lost the core vision his father established and have not become too big for the loyal customers that got them off the ground. That comes back to the Iowa values that make the agricultural industry thrive in the Midwest.

Learn more about Stine and their 45th anniversary by visiting the Stine website.