Firestone Ag celebrates 75th anniversary of Des Moines plant

by | Aug 24, 2020 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Longevity is something that is hard to come by in any industry. Even if a company has a long history, the locations of operations tend to move around. However, when you are working to supply products to an agriculture industry that is perpetually changing, there are some things you don?t want to change. Firestone Ag is celebrating a huge milestone of longevity in the city of Des Moines this year.

Audio: Full interview with Firestone Ag President Tony Orlando

Tony Orlando is the President of Firestone Ag. Firestone Ag is celebrating 75 years at its Des Moines plant location in 2020.

Orlando talks a little about the history of the plant in Des Moines. The plant opened just before the end of World War II. Its first goal was to produce military tires for the United States. Firestone purchased the plant from the government in 1948 and switched to agriculture tire production.

Orlando says the plant sits on 160 acres and employs some fourth and fifth-generation tire producers. Orlando says the plant and its workers are proud to be producing quality ag tires for the American farmer.

Orlando says that they will continue to support the American farmers for many years to come.