A new era of Farmall tractors

by | Dec 8, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

In its 100th year, Farmall is giving a glimpse of what’s in store for the next century. Earlier this year, Case IH unveiled the Farmall 75C Electric, which is the smartest electric tractor from Case IH. They also launched numerous tractors like the Farmall 25SC Subcompact, the Farmall 25A, and the Farmall M. Teri Zanella, campaign manager for tractors with Case IH, talked about the primary features of the Farmall 75C Electric.

“The Farmall 75 C Electric is our first fully electric utility vehicle with autonomous features,” Zanella said. “It has diesel-like performance with its horsepower and torque but yet, since it’s battery operated, it is so quiet. It’s comfortable. It has zero exhaust emissions and a four-hour run time. The electric engine allows us to introduce easy-to-use autonomous features that are unprecedented. And this tractor is going to be perfect for like vineyards and orchards, municipalities, or any enclosed livestock facilities.”

Zanella said the easy-to-use autonomous features in the Farmall 75C Electric will benefit farmers with enhanced comfort and efficiency.

“The autonomous features on our Farmall 75C electric will allow for more efficient completion of daily tasks,” Zanella said. “You can have comprehensive monitoring of surrounding people and objects. One of the features is what we call the invisible bucket. So, this gives views of the front of the bucket, around the bucket, and through the bucket. This is going to be a huge benefit when using the loader. Another feature is what we call follow-me mode, which does just that. The tractor has the ability to follow the operator when they’re out of the cab in either forward or reverse. This is going to be great for opening and closing gates, picking up rocks, or fixing and repairing fence lines.”

Zanella said the 25SC Subcompact tractor will be great for a wide variety of uses.

“The subcompact is an all-purpose, affordable tractor for the consumer, rural lifestyler, or farmer on a rent farm that wants the addition of a subcompact,” Zanella said. “It has a lot of benefits of a large tractor, but it’s in a small package. The tractor has a rear and a mid-PTO, so you can mow grass, you can plow snow, you can dig holes, move dirt, and do a number of tasks around your property.”

The Farmall 100th anniversary celebration included a contest in which the winner gets a Farmall 75C. Zanella said the winner they selected has deep ag roots that include Case IH tractors.

“After a lot of consideration, they selected Steve Wilson as the winner,” Zanella said. “Steve’s story is so inspiring. He has a life here dedicated to farming. Case IH tractors were part of the foundation of his family farm since he was born. Later in life, Steve battled a couple of rounds of cancer and found that being on his Farmall helped him mentally escape his health issues, so at that time, it was just him and his tractor. When we asked Steve how he would use the 75C, he said, like any good man, he would help his wife with her projects.”

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