Soy checkoff identifies key audiences for reputation of U.S. soy

by | May 24, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The 77 farmer-leaders of the United Soybean Board focus on adding value to U.S. soybeans through investments that spur engagement with consumers and influencers across the value chain. Laurie Isley, USB farmer-leader from Michigan and Communication & Education Committee Chair, said USB?s efforts revolve around promoting the value of U.S. soy.

?Certainly, we’re excited about what USB is doing, and especially about this Communication & Education Committee,? Isley said. ?Of course, USB makes lots and lots of different investments and things that bring return back to the farmers, but it’s not as valuable unless we can get that information to the audiences that we’re trying to work with. So, we try to have a strategic plan to work on both research as well as promotion and education of this valuable resource that we have in soybeans.?

USB is investing in research to further understand their audience and determine the best methods to reach them in order to communicate the benefits of soy as a product to incorporate into everyday life.

?And what we found is that we can do a lot through partnerships,? Isley said. ?So, we work really closely with soil nutritionists and plant nutritionists as well as working with veterinarians and other animal nutritionists. So, areas where we can actually get information to those audiences about the value of soybean meal, or we’re looking at the human uses for soy. We also have connections with dietitians, and we have mailings and information that goes out to our doctors, as well.?

Isley added that promoting the sustainability of our product builds trust in U.S. soy and brings value back to the farm.

?There are things that we do through USB in the area of getting information out about the work that we do, as well as just helping people ? not just in the United States but of course around the world ? understand the value of sustainable U.S. soy,? Isley said. ?So, we really want to make sure that that brings value back to the farmer, and certainly the most recent USDA study on our return shows that for every dollar they put into the checkoff, they get back $12.34 in increased value.?

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