Sound Ag?s SOURCE? like ?caffeine for microbes?

by | Jan 4, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Fertilizer is a necessity when it comes to growing our crops. We need to ensure we are supplementing the nutrients our plants take out of the soil, so we can replenish what the soil needs to maintain its life. With the high costs of fertilizer jeopardizing how we do this; we have to look at alternatives to help us supplement the soil and charge it back to full strength.

Sound Agriculture has had its SOURCE? product out for corn and soybeans for some time. Now they are expanding their offerings to wheat and cotton as well. Eamon Flood is with Sound Ag and he talks about what SOURCE? does for the soil and the nutrient efficiency of our crops. He calls it ?caffeine for microbes.?

Flood says it comes down to nitrogen use efficiency. That?s how they determine how you can use SOURCE? in your operation and get more bushels per acre out of your crops.

Of course, environmental concerns have been raised about nitrogen efficiency. Some states are slapping stricter regulations on its application. This is why products that optimize your nitrogen use can be so important.

Flood talks about how they can help farmers determine when the best time to apply SOURCE? to get the most out of their fields.

To learn more about SOURCE?, visit the Sound Ag website.