Food Bank of Iowa receives donation of almost 240,000 eggs

by | Jul 8, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Today, the Iowa Egg Council, Rose Acre Farms, and Hatch partnered together to make a generous donation of almost 240,000 eggs to the Food Bank of Iowa. This comes at a time when food donations are critical, as communities like Greenfield and Spencer are still recovering from devasting weather disasters. Iowa Egg Council CEO Mindy Larsen said eggs are a versatile and incredibly nutritious food, which is even more important to have in times of need.

Now that kids are home from school for the summer, parents have to provide more meals that would normally be taken care of at school. Food Bank of Iowa CEO Michelle Book said that eggs are an affordable and easy-to-cook solution for those hardworking families who might have a hard time making ends meet.

Book added that this donation speaks to the long-term dedication of Iowa’s egg producers- and the ag industry as a whole- to fight hunger and support people who are in need.

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