UPL offers suggestions for successful crop season

by | Apr 24, 2020 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Midwest farmers entered fields this week.

Planting offers hope, as producers navigate through COVID-19. A crop specialist shares how producers can establish a good foundation for crop development.

Two-thousand-nineteen delivered many hardships, some of which will carryover into this crop season. Producers must be mindful of enhanced weed pressure, due to previously idled crop ground. Lynn Justesen, UPL row crop technical service lead, says farmers must aggressively tackle weeds early on.

?We want to make sure both our pre-emergent and post-emergent (applications) are both timely and aggressive. I think about what we offer as a combined company. I like some of our more aggressive combination products, like MOCCASIN MTZ. That does a good job of controlling weeds that are in hard-to-control systems and gives you a great base layer for a foundation. As you think about things over the top, we?ve continued to see LibertyLink grow, in particular the Enlist beans, the GT27 beans. We look at those and the great fit INTERLINE has with that,” Justesen said.

Justesen encourages producers to secure crop protection products as soon as possible. COVID-19 may disrupt supply chains, in turn delaying on-farm tasks.

“If a person has the opportunity, I would (encourage them) to secure everything they can through July, Justesen said. “If you have the means and place to store it, I would bring as much of that in as you can. There’s still time to go out and be mindful of what we did last year and build a plan specifically to that. Things like the UNLOCK 5 system help growers all the way through every growth stage.”