The importance of international markets to U.S. pork producers

by | Jul 24, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

International markets are very valuable to the producers of United States pork and the industry has committed a lot of resources to developing overseas markets.

Bill Luckey is a producer from Nebraska and a National Pork Board member. He says that while export numbers for U.S. pork have been very good, it is vital to producers that the industry maintain or even increase the level of international exports.

International buyers and customers are confident in United States pork products because of their quality and reliability says Luckey.

Luckey says that one of the ways in which the NPB strives to develop growing international markets is by providing a diversity of market cuts and educating buyers and consumers about different cuts that they don?t normally opt for. The pork industry has made it a priority to use all parts of the pig to maximize value.

Luckey says that Pork Checkoff dollars are being spent each day to continue to grow international markets and increase export demand for U.S. pork.

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