SenseHub? Beef monitors health, estrus

by | Jan 31, 2019 | 5 Ag Stories, Cattle Industry Convention 2019, News

A livestock intelligence company is providing additional insight into beef cattle operations.

AUDIO: Scott Holt, Allflex

Allflex launched SenseHub? Beef this past summer. Scott Holt, North American marketing manager for Allflex, talks about the new management approach, designed for the beef cattle sector.

?We?re monitoring activity – rumination, eating time on beef cows,? Holt said. ?What we get with that is a very actionable set of information that you can look at on a computer or cellphone, and determine whether you have animals that are in need of health applications, or health cares or animals that you?re watching and wanting to breed and knowing if they are in heat or not.?

Allflex, a company focused on animal identification, saw SenseHub? Beef as an opportunity to become actively involved in the active management of a cow. Producers tag heifers and cows with an electronic tag, which sends health and reproductive data to a producers computer and/or phone.

?We have a tag that is battery powered. It has a three-year life and is reusable. If people want to use them in their fall calving cows, remove them and re-allocate them with a new management number, they can do that,? Holt said. ?It?s simple – You clip off the tag, clip off the tag button and re-apply it with another a button.?

The new, proven product offers beef producers an opportunity to maximize productivity and improve breeding decisions. Allflex reports seeing an increase in artificial insemination and higher quality bulls. Holt shares how SenseHub? Beef can help boost conception rates.

?We?ve seen customers between the nine- and 11-percent range of AI improvement,? Holt said. ?They?re doing a mass synchronization protocol – They?re trusting the system, breeding animals when the system tells them and improving AI. The system enables you to do that based on a variety of things – motion and rumination – so it?s not just visual activity, but rumination. Rumination decreases when an animal is in heat.?

For more information on SenseHub? Beef, visit or call 1-800-989-8247.