Replant tips: “Make a decision and stick with it”

by | May 12, 2020 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Early planted soybeans are most at-risk, following weekend frost.

A technical agronomist first recommends giving plants a couple days to see whether they are going to survive or not. She then provides recommendations for acres needing replanted.

Nicole Stecklein, DEKALB Asgrow technical agronomist, offers advice to farmers who might need to replant soybeans. She recommends contacting your insurance agent and then lining up seed.

?In corn, if you are going to plant in a late window, you are going to want a shorter maturity. On the soybean side, it?s different. The later you plant, the longer season you want to make it,” Stecklein said.

Extended forecasts look promising for replanting acres.

?It looks like we are going to warm up a bit. I saw some 80s at the end of the 10-day forecast. But then they?re also talking (about) rain. I like to wait, when we get a frost event, to determine if I have a stand or not,” Stecklein said.

The best thing you can do when it comes to replanting is: “Make a decision and stick with it,” according to Stecklein.

?When it comes to some tricky decisions, make your decision and go with it. I think that?s going to be important this year, and in this situation. When you go out and make a determination, don?t take a day or two to ?ho hum? about it. Make your decision and go with it,” Stecklein said.

Last, but not least, Stecklein encourages producers to “not give up on a crop showing potential.”

“You’re always going to find some sort of tough spot within the growing season, whether it comes down to weather, prices, or whatever it is. If you give up on the crop, the crop is going to give up on you. if you have potential, no matter what stage, continue to make the right decisions,” Stecklein said.