Renovations underway at Iowa State Fair’s historic sheep barn

by | Mar 29, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Believe it or not, the livestock buildings at the Iowa State Fair have each been there for over 100 years. And if you drive across the fairgrounds right now, you’ll notice that one barn in particular- the sheep barn- is getting some modern renovations that will enhance the fair experience. Iowa State Fair CEO Jeremy Parsons said these changes are both for fairgoers and exhibitors.

Parsons said that extreme care is being taken to preserve the historic nature of the building while also making sure that the barn is comfortable for livestock, exhibitors, and fairgoers.

Parsons said that the barn will also be more handicapped accessible with these renovations.

Of course, such a large project needs fundraising as well. Fortunately, Parsons said the Iowa State Fair has a ton of support from organizations like the state government and the Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Parsons also provided a preview of what changes will be made to the next renovation project: the swine barn.

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