Overcoming crop stress to deliver quality yields

by | Jun 30, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Iowa Soybean Association Treasurer and District 1 Director Brent Swart is a farmer in Northwest Iowa near Spencer. While almost the entire state is in moderate to severe drought right now in 2023, northwest Iowa dealt with the most severe drought conditions in the state last year. Swart says that the northwest corner of the state had very dry conditions, but growers were still able to produce a quality crop.

Swart says that technological advancements and specific management practices have given farmers more tools to battle crop stressors including heat and drought.

In recent years, growers have opted to start planting soybeans earlier than the previously considered optimal planting time. If the necessary growing conditions are right this can lead to a good head start for a soybean crop. Swart says that earlier soybean planting times have become more common.

With more crush facilities being brought online in the coming years, soybeans will be feeding those facilities to help create a much larger volume of biofuels. Swart says that Iowa?s soybean farmers are ready to take on the challenge.

That was Iowa Soybean Association Treasurer and District 1 Director Brent Swart.