NK soybeans striving for “versatility and consistency” in 2024

by | May 14, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Each year more Midwestern farmers are adopting the practice of early soybean planting. When conditions allow for early planting, farmers are opting to plant soybeans earlier in the hopes of eventual increased yields.

However, during a tricky planting season like the current spring of 2024, when weather does not always cooperate, farmers need options. Growers also need products that will deliver throughout the season, even if they are forced to plant later in the spring due to poor weather or field conditions.

That is Jared Benson, NK soybean product manager. He says that Syngenta’s crop protection products work best for growers who know the history of their fields and what their goals are for the growing season.

In a state such as Iowa where soybeans are grown from border to border, there are many different risks and yield robbers that threaten soybeans based on geography. It is important for growers to have well rounded products with a robust defense system, says Benson.

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