Make sure your soil is ready for planting season

by | Feb 19, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

There are a lot of questions for this year’s crop, especially with how dry things were heading into the fall. Many farmers are rightfully worried about whether or not there will be enough moisture in the soil once planting season comes around. Andrew Phillips of Phillips Ag Center in Lake View, Iowa- who is also a Channel SeedPro- said he’s actually noticed some very nice soil conditions in his area.

One thing farmers can do to set themselves up for a successful crop year is conduct some soil tests in their fields. Phillips said there are several values to keep track of when looking at the data from these tests.

Phillips said soil pH is a big factor in soybean yield success that sometimes goes under the radar.

Lower pH levels can be managed more easily, but Phillips said fixing high pH is a much more involved process.

Phillips added that the Channel SeedPro team is dedicated to helping farmers find the best products and use them in the most effective way possible.

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