Looking Ahead to 2024 Seed Decisions

by | Nov 21, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, Corn

Here’s the latest on technology in the seed bag available for you for 2024 coming up from our friends at DeKalb in Iowa.   The only way to continue to improve and to create products that are in demand in the marketplace is by accurately analyzing the prior results data.  Jamie Horton with our friends at DeKalb and Bayer says they’re currently in the process of doing just that for the 2023 growing season:

“Of course, we know corn acres are certainly up this year. So a lot of corn was planted in ‘23, we had dry conditions in a lot of areas. But I think people were pleasantly surprised when they got from most fields and I think a lot of that goes back to the genetics that we see within DeKalb.”

Yeah, in a lot of different ways, certainly, whether that be growing a crop on less moisture, better utilizing nutrients, understanding fertility management, utilizing reduced tillage in a lot of cases, using precision technology to get the right hybrid on the right acre.  We continue to get better at a lot of things in Iowa production agriculture, which we need to as evolution is real and pests like rootworm continue to advance:

“So it seems like we just can’t get rid of that pesky rootworm when we’re planting corn, so one of the exciting things within the DeKalb lineup is for 2024, we’re not only continuing to expand our Smart Stax Pro with RNAI technology, but we’re also launching a brand new trait to help control that rootworm with VT4 Pro with RNAI technology that will offer the broadest above ground insect protection, but also that root worm protection below ground.”

She says as always, get in touch with your local DeKalb agronomist or local dealer to make plans on getting the right product from DeKalb on the right acre for top potential during the 2024 growing season.