ISU Seed Science Center debuts film about seeds? importance to world

by | Mar 18, 2019 | 5 Ag Stories, News

?Seeds aren?t just the beginning, but the renewal of agriculture, of all life and civilization.? Those words may be the best way to sum up the importance of seeds to our planet. Iowa State University?s (ISU) Dr. Manjit Misra said this about a new film project from ISU?s Seed Science Center.

Audio: Full Interview with Dr. Manjit Misra of ISU Seed Science Center

To say Dr. Manjit Misra is passionate about seeds and their beauty, may be an understatement. This is part of the reason he and the ISU Seed Science Center created ?The Diversity of Wonder: The Journey into the World of Seeds?.

I spent some time discussing Dr. Misra?s passion with him. The amazement he has in the power contained in such a tiny shell is inspiring. Dr. Misra says seeds are something we are all aware of, but we sometimes do not give them a second thought.

The film crews went through Iowa, to the National Seed Storage Laboratory in Colorado, to Africa, and to India. Dr. Misra says 80% of farmers in the world do not plant quality seed. This is something we take for granted in the U.S., and he wants to raise awareness of this fact.

The film debuted last weekend at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington D.C., and Dr. Misra says the response was terrific.

ISU Seed Science Center is working out avenues to release this film to as wide an audience as possible. Dr. Misra says it is more important than ever that we share our stories with consumers.

Photo Courtesy of ISU Seed Science Center