HPAI affecting costs of organic fertilizers

by | Apr 26, 2022 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Input costs are rising across the board. Many conventional farmers have been seeing the costs for their fertilizers go up exponentially over the past few months. Availability is the key issue, and the costs of shipping aren?t any better.

The thing is, these issues are not just affecting those conventional farmers, they are also affecting organic farmers as well. Except their supplies are not necessarily being affected by a warmonger half a world away. They are being affected by a little virus in the general vicinity.

Organic farmers tend to rely on manure for their fertilizer inputs, and poultry manure is a prized source. Steve Lundeen with Midwestern BioAg talks about the challenges they are facing right now.

Lundeen says they have been able to secure a supply for this spring despite the challenges in shipping and the disruptions of Bird Flu.

However, the real challenge will continue into late summer and fall. It all depends on how long HPAI lasts and how long it takes the shipping industry to get back on track.

Organic producers are also encouraged to contact their local suppliers to get their orders in, just like any conventional farmer.