Health benefits make probiotics essential for every animal

by | Nov 29, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Agricultural efficiency is going to continue to be a central focus of every agricultural operation as farmers are asked to do more with less. As the world’s population grows and natural resources become more scarce, farmers will still be tasked with feeding the world.

Chr. Hansen specializes in microbial products that help livestock maintain good bacteria in their digestive system. Dr. Steve Lerner with Chr. Hansen says that probiotics improve the overall health of the animals they are fed to.

Dr. Lerner says there are four specific functions that are improved in the animal’s gut health through the use of probiotics.

He says that probiotics that are ingested through feed can help a herd to reach a baseline level of “normalcy” in their health which means a better return on investment.

Dr. Steve Lerner says that a probiotic can help an animal to optimize performance in much of the same way that an engine tune-up can help an automobile to perform as efficiently as possible.

He says that probiotics are not designed for just one type of livestock operation or size of herd.

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