Growth Energy CEO Skor gives Ethanol policy update

by | May 13, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The news around the ethanol industry has been hopping for the past months. Whether it has been the EPA finally granting eight midwestern states to sell E15 year-round starting in 2025, yet another E15 emergency waiver, or the discussions over Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), it has been an interesting time.

The ups and downs have been rewarding and head-scratching all at the same time. Emily Skor is the CEO of Growth Energy, and she took the time to visit with me in Washington, D.C. about some of these policy situations. We started off by discussing the EPA taking 600+ days rather than 60 days to ratify the petition made by a bipartisan group of governors to allow year-round E15 sales in their states. Skor put the situation into perspective.

Skor talks about the Emergency waiver for 2024 and the fact the momentum for a year-round solution may be waning.

Skor also brought up the fact that the greet model, and keep in mind this was discussed 24 hours before the Greet Model was officially released, is going to get the ball rolling for ethanol to be a part of the SAF discussion. Still, there is going to be a lot more work that needs to be done.

If we cannot get our act together on carbon sequestration other countries such as China and Brazil will be willing and able to fill the void caused by our missed opportunities.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is coming and our ability to be a part of this future depends on us implementing the technology we need to make it happen.