Grassley says Prop 12 creating negative effects for producers and consumers

by | Mar 28, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

United States Senator (R-IA) Chuck Grassley is home in Iowa this week as the Senate takes its Easter break and he has visited with Iowans in 11 counties as part of his yearly 99 county tour. He says that California’s Prop 12 law has been a big discussion topic with Iowa producers he has met with this week.

California’s Proposition 12 law has been in effect since January 1st 2024 and it restricts in-state sales of pork, eggs, and veal in California from animals raised elsewhere that did not meet minimum space requirements in their confinements.

Grassley says that in meeting with Iowans this week, Prop 12 was top of mind.

He says that along with increased production costs, California’s consumers have been dealing with higher prices at the grocery store.

Grassley says that producers are concerned about other state governments enacting similar legislation to Prop 12.

Congress needs to act to protect both producers and consumers from similar legislation, says Grassley.

Senator Grassley made his comments on Tuesday during his weekly ag conference call with ag broadcasters and reporters.