FMC launching Edge herbicide in 2020

by | Jan 1, 2020 | 5 Ag Stories, News, Trade Talk 2019

Weeds have been doing battle with us as long as there have been farmers. The technology in dealing with weeds is ever-changing and the weeds keep adapting. Companies are pouring more and more research dollars into finding complete weed control packages. FMC is delighted to announce they will have a new tool for your toolbox in 2020 with Edge herbicide.

FMC?s Matthew Wiggins tells us about Edge herbicide, which just received EPA approval in November. Edge joins the Authority brand family of herbicides.

Wiggins says that with the weed control challenges we are set to face in 2020, having a strong pre-plant herbicide like Authority Edge, will give you that first-strike capability against weeds. Partner that with a strong post-emergence product and you will have coverage through to canopy.

You may ask what sets Authority Edge apart from the rest? Wiggins says the mix ratio gives farmers in Iowa a more flexible window for applying their post-emergence products. This window gives you an opportunity to work around Mother Nature if you have to. After 2019, we all know having the flexibility to face against a Mother Nature who doesn?t fight fair is a big advantage.

For more information on Authority Edge and other FMC products, visit their website.