FBN offering solutions for livestock producers

by | Jul 1, 2022 | 5 Ag Stories, News

From a management perspective, today?s Iowa hog producers face many challenges when it comes to making decisions about nutrition, health, and what makes the most sense from an ROI perspective for their operations. Farmer?s Business Network offers some advice when it comes to finding solutions for their customers.

We spoke with Dr. Reed Leiting, Director of Nutrition for the Farmer?s Business Network at World Pork Expo in early June. He pointed out the solution approach used by FBN.

While the Livestock group is a relatively new venture for FBN, their goal is consistent with the company?s overall philosophy, provide good and fairly priced nutritional products that provide value and solutions for their customers.

Dr. Leiting describes FBN?s ?farmer?s first? credo and how that fits into his way of thinking as a practicing veterinarian and now part of the FBN team.

And after two years without an annual meeting, plans are being made for a Farmer2Farmer meeting to be held later this year and FBN?s livestock group will be there.

To learn more about FBN?s livestock group and all their offerings, you can find them on the web at fbn.com.