Ernst pleased with Biden?s E15 announcement

by | Apr 13, 2022 | 5 Ag Stories, News

U.S. Senator Joni Ernst says President Biden?s Tuesday announcement to allow summertime sales of E15 is welcome news for Iowans.

In an interview with the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network Wednesday morning, the Red Oak Republican said she and fellow U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley have been pressuring the administration for months to allow access to E15 during the summer.

?Very glad (the President) has decided to go ahead and respond to the prices at the pump and the need to get more biofuels out there,? said Ernst. ?We will have E15 year-round.?

Ernst was asked what kind of message Biden?s action sends to farmers in Iowa.

?I think it?s a very good statement,? said Ernst. ?We know biofuels can be readily available and our producers have stated they can step up and fill any sort of gap that might be left if we are cutting off Russian oil.?

Ernst adds she would like to see this emergency E15 waiver turn into a long-term solution.

?I do anticipate that this will just be an emergency action by the president, but it does allow us some more time to continue working on legislation,? said Ernst. ?We would like to see the passage of a law that would be put into place that would make sure E15 continues to be available year-round on into the future.?

Biden?s visit to Iowa on Tuesday was his first to the state since his 2020 presidential campaign.