CGIAR and their mission for global agriculture

by | Oct 19, 2018 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The world?s attention was focused on Des Moines for the World Food Prize event. Discussions were held on hunger, agriculture, and the environment. At the center of those discussions was research. And, at the center of research, we find CGIAR.

CGIAR credits Dr. Norman Bourlag for their creation. Executive Director Elwyn Grainger-Jones tells us about their research network.

Another fascinating asset CGIAR possesses is an enormous genetic bank of seed types from all over the world.

Grainger-Jones says we are now facing a new set of challenges in global agriculture. Challenges which are very different since CGIAR?s inception.

I hate to leave with a cliff-hanger. We will get more of CGIAR?s insight into the future of agriculture soon. To see the full discussion I had with Elwyn Grainger-Jones, click here.