Cattlemen?s Beef Board using Beef Checkoff to combat misinformation

by | Jan 18, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

With the amount of misinformation circulating nowadays, especially in the ag industry, it?s important to have a group that will stand up and actively combat it. That?s one of the main purposes of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and the Beef Checkoff- to combat misinformation and promote the positive values of U.S. beef. Greg Hanes, Cattlemen?s Beef Board CEO, said the checkoff was established almost 40 years ago to promote beef and make it a top focus among consumers.

Every time a head of cattle is sold, producers pay one dollar towards the checkoff fund. Hanes said that fund is then used in several ways, including promotion and research.

The beef industry has been unfairly blamed for things like global warming, so Hanes said it?s important to tell people that beef is actually incredibly sustainable.

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