ASA, USB offering #SoyHelp to overcome farm stress

by | May 1, 2020 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The American Soybean Association?s (ASA) COVID-19 Task Force conducted a survey to find out the effects of COVID-19 on soy growers, their operations, employees, and families. It is probably no surprise that stress in soy-producing states is high. ASA, their state soybean affiliates, and the United Soybean Board (USB) want to help.

This May is Mental Health Month and ASA is launching a proactive communications campaign to combat #FarmStress and offer #SoyHelp. They say help comes in many forms and from many sources. ASA has researched a range of options that will be shared both nationally and by state soybean affiliates. ?Stress levels have crept up out there in farm communities for some time now,? says Kevin Scott, a South Dakota farmer and chair of the task force. ?Knowing how to talk about the issues and work to reduce stress are two different things.?

The #SoyHelp campaign will include different levels of outreach. Producers will see #SoyHelp posts throughout May on Facebook and Twitter. They?ll offer a social media toolkit for each soybean state and USB to participate and share resources. The organization will have related stories in national and state newsletters, as well as editorials from soy growers on #FarmStress. They will also share expert advice on the subject of farm stress and ways to seek out emotional support.