ADM Animal Nutrition helping farmers produce quality beef

by | Feb 10, 2022 | 5 Ag Stories, News

NCBA AUDIO: Dr. Brian Fieser, ADM Animal Nutrition

The team at ADM Animal Nutrition met with cattle farmers at the 2022 NCBA Convention in Houston, Texas to discuss how they can work together to ensure beef?s livelihood in the future.

Dr. Brian Fieser, beef cattle nutritionist with ADM Animal Nutrition, says ADM places great emphasis on its role in helping farmers efficiently produce quality beef. The company?s purpose is to formulate and produce only the highest quality beef feeds and feed ingredients through on-going research, formulation testing and documented feeding trials.

Fieser says the free-choice mineral product that they promote the most is their AMPT Mineral Program. AMPT beef minerals are targeted mineral supplements that provide only the minerals and vitamins in the optimum amounts and ratios that benefit cattle.

Fieser also talks about ADM?s AminoGain product line, which is focused on balancing amino acids in high-concentrate diets.

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