Adding new income through renewable farming practices

by | Jan 23, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Many farmers have been voluntarily using sustainable farming practices for many years on their operations by using regenerative agriculture practices that boost soil health and water quality.

Farmers can now earn a financial benefit from farming sustainably and making money through the form of carbon credits.

That?s Vaughan Stewart, head of U.S. carbon supply sales at Indigo, who says that whether you are a farmer that has been using sustainable farming practices for a while or are new to these types of methods, you could be earning money through a new income stream.

Stewart says the goal of Indigo?s carbon program is to get most of the money from carbon credit sales back into the farmer?s pocket.

Stewart says that carbon by Indigo is a program that focuses on two areas of a farmer?s operation. What that farmer is doing to improve sustainability on their operation in terms of new practices and how those changes are being implemented to make them long lasting.

Vaughan Stewart says that the buyer demand for carbon credits is higher than supply at the moment.

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