World Pork Expo holds first Youth Issues Contest

by | Jun 13, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

At this year’s World Pork Expo, the National Pork Producers Council launched their inaugural Young Pork Advocates Issues Meet. This competitive speaking event is aimed at young people aged 17-22 to help explore issues facing the pork industry. We talked with three of the competitors in this year’s event.

Bella Stouffer talked a bit about herself and her background in the pork industry. Being from Washington state, she hopes to bring her own perspective into the industry and take fresh ideas back home.

Graca Goettsch didn’t grow up with a hog background, but rather says she began to find her place within the industry when she got to college. She is also passionate about how certain issues are addressed outside of the industry.

Emma Kuhns was selected as the winner of the first Young Pork Advocates Issues Meet Contest. She hopes to see labor issues acknowledged more in the agricultural industry and poses a question on how to do that.

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