What does USSEC look for in a potential trade market?

by | Nov 24, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The one lesson that we have really driven home since the pandemic, is that we cannot have all our trade eggs in one basket. When China shut down, we had to find places to make up that market share that was dwindling. To that end, we had to look towards the trading partners we already had, and also look to new and emerging markets that would allow us to diversify our portfolio while still moving products out of the United States.

With soybeans, the U.S. Soybean Export Council does a lot of the leg work to get the markets developed, strengthened, and secured. So what is the USSEC looking for when it comes to establishing a new market for soy? USSEC Chairman Stan Born explains the criteria they are looking for.

As we mentioned in our discussion with Chairman Born earlier this week, consumers around the globe are looking to learn more about where their food comes from, even if it is an emerging marketplace. Making sure that the farmers are living up to the sustainability commitments that consumers are looking for, is what Born says keeps our products marketable globally.

Learn more by visiting the USSEC website.