Utilizing Titan XC in your field work this fall

by | Oct 15, 2021 | 5 Ag Stories, News

As harvest continues, many growers are already prepping for the 2022 growing season.

AUDIO: Scott Lay, senior director of commercial operations for Agricen

Once farmers in Iowa wrap up this year?s harvest, the work isn?t quite done in 2021. Many growers will finish up with field work this fall. According to Scott Lay, senior director of commercial operations for Agricen, a division of Nutrien Ag Solutions, growers are looking to maximize their investment as fertilizer prices move higher. He tells IARN that?s where their product Titan XC can help.

?As farmers take their crop out this time of year, their thoughts immediately begin to turn to planning for the 2022 crop,? said Lay. ?That first decision generally involves dry fertilizer, phosphorus and potash applied in the fall, so long as Mother Nature cooperates. The objective with Titan is to take that fertilizer investment and increase the amount of available nutrients to next year?s crop. By increasing that efficiency, we create a better yield environment and a better return on investment for the farmer.?

Titan XC is a fertilizer enhancement technology. Lay says their field trials show a great yield response with the product.

?Titan has been commercially available for 10 seasons,? said Lay. ?We?ve treated an estimated 50 million acres across the U.S. over that time frame. We have a wide range of yield trial results as well as split field type trials or comparisons in actual farm settings. What we found ? if you were to average all of those yield results ? corn averages just north of 10 bushels at a 10.2-bushel yield response. Soybeans, certainly a key crop across the state of Iowa, the average yield result is a positive 4.6 bushels per acre.?

Lay added that Iowa is their largest state in terms of both commercial fertilizer sales and Titan XC sales. Titan XC can be incorporated into any conventional production practice that employs dry fertilizers.

Titan XC is exclusively available from Loveland Products/Nutrien Ag Solutions. For more information, visit cropfertility.com.