Utilizing all tools to protect yields

by | Sep 14, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Heads Up Plant Protectants manufactures biological seed treatments to help farmers prevent fungal and bacterial diseases.

Heads Up® seed treatment can be a cost-efficient way to help protect against yield loss by optimizing and fine tuning the plant and has shown the ability to protect soybeans from white mold and SDS.

Jared Cottonie is a marketing manager with Heads Up Plant Protectants and he says that Heads Up® seed treatment can be used alongside standard fungicide and insecticide for additional help with diseases such as white mold in soybeans.

White mold is one of the biggest yield robbing fungal diseases in the Midwest and although it is typically found in the northern portions of the Midwest, it has been slowly spreading more southward.

In addition to added protection from fungal and bacterial diseases Cottonie says that Heads Up® seed treatment can also help to improve plant health.

He says that even without pressure from disease, Heads Up® seed treatment can help to improve yields.

Cottonie says that planning ahead for the next growing season is always the best way to build a plan to protect yields.

For more information visit https://headsupst.com/white-mold/