Using on-farm data to improve sustainability through measurable actions

by | May 23, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Sustainability is a popular topic across all sectors of agriculture. Although it might be a newer discussion topic for some areas of the ag industry, livestock producers have used sustainable practices for many years.

That?s Gordon Spronk, a producer and appointed board member for the National Pork Board. He says that although producers have always used sustainable practices, they can now document those practices and make improvements through on-farm data.

The Pork Cares Farm Impact Report by the Pork Checkoff allows a farmer to enter data and then receive a sustainability report tailored to their operation. Spronk says the first time he filled out data for the report it was to see a snapshot of his management practices all in one place.

Spronk says that the Pork Cares Farm Impact Report gives producers an accurate reading of how effective their sustainability practices are right now, and an idea of where improvements can be made in the future through measurable actions.

He says the Pork Cares Farm Impact Report has improved the efficiency and sustainability of his operation.

Pork producers can apply for their own Pork Cares Farm Impact Report at
The cost of the program is paid for by the Pork Checkoff.