Upgrading technology and saving money with precision spraying

by | Apr 22, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

As precision ag technology continues to evolve one of the challenges is making new technology readily available for farmers at an affordable price. One of the ways that is being employed is by offering new technology options for farmers in the form of precision upgrades that are available for retrofit on existing farm equipment.

Tim Deinert is the go-to market manager for application equipment at John Deere for the United States and Canada. He says that John Deere’s See & Spray™ premium precision upgrade can provide a big technology upgrade and save a grower money through precision spraying.

The See & Spray platform can now be added as a factory install on MY25 and newer Hagie, 400 and 600 Series sprayers, or as a Precision Upgrade on MY18+ and newer R-series and 400/600 series sprayers.

Deinert says that the See & Spray platform does much of the spraying work itself after the correct settings are input for the field the operator is spraying.

By precisely managing weeds farmers can save on non-residual herbicide use through precision spraying which improves cost efficiencies and creates more profitability.

He says that growers who are interested in John Deere’s See & Spray™ premium precision upgrade should seek out a test demo to see the spraying system in person.

For more information visit https://www.deere.com/