The importance of increasing traceability in the pork industry

by | Aug 11, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Increasing traceability in the pork industry protects Iowa pork producer profitability. The National Pork Producers Council is developing a resolution to adopt updated Swine Traceability Standards. NPPC President Scott Hays said it’s all about filling gaps.

“Traceability is not a new topic for our industry,” Hays said. “In 2006, producers voluntarily adopted standards to strengthen our ability to track animal movements. Today, our traceability system has gaps that need to be addressed, especially in the face of growing threats of foreign animal diseases reaching the United States. The swine industry has an opportunity to guide what an improved traceability program looks like.”

Hays said a robust traceability system is key.

“Approximately one million pigs are in transit every day, giving diseases plenty of opportunities to spread,” Hays said. “With $7.7 billion worth of pork being consumed by international consumers, we need to assure trading partners that the United States can identify disease-free animals and provide them with products from unaffected farms. Traceability supports disease management and will help keep exports moving should an outbreak occur.”

Hays also encouraged producers to voluntarily speak up on this traceability effort to make the industry better through a series of comment periods before finalizing the updated standards early next year. For more information, visit