Start protecting your crops early in the growing season

by | Feb 21, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Several yield factors, like minimizing inputs and maximizing weed and disease control, are at the top of every farmer’s mind as the 2024 planting season approaches. Getting a head start with early-season crop protection can help farmers reduce the stress their crops, like soybeans, will experience, which in turn will boost up that ROI. Travis Gustafson, an agronomic service representative with Syngenta, said it’s very important for farmers to prevent injuries to their crops early on in the growing season.

Gustafson offered some advice to help farmers maximize their yield potential without adding too much stress to their bottom lines.

Gustafson said herbicides can also help get soybeans off to a good start.

Gustafson said it’s more cost effective for farmers to pick products based on how they’ll boost the end result instead of what is just the cheapest right now.

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