Soy Checkoff farmer-leaders looking to the future

by | Jul 19, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Although we are in the middle of the summer, farmer-leaders with the United Soybean Board are already looking toward the future, focusing on research, education, and promotion investments for the next fiscal year. Steve Reinhard, USB Vice Chair, said these investments help drive value back to U.S. soybean farmers.

?It?s a great opportunity for us to share how we’re investing those farmer checkoff dollars and what we look forward to doing in the next fiscal year,? Reinhard said. ?We’ll look at our programs that we’re doing, new programs in the future, and then research. And then that’s all done to help drive preference for U.S. Soy and bring value back to the farm.?

Reinhard said the investments focus on three priority areas, and they all work together to implement USB?s vision.

?The first one is Infrastructure & Connectivity, Health & Nutrition and then Innovation & Technology,? Reinhard said. ?Each one of these priority areas is divided into two subprograms, and that’s basically supply and demand. We have to have a supply, and then once we get that supply, we want to make sure that we maintain a healthy demand for that. Our vision at the United Soybean Board is to deliver a sustainable soy solution to every life, every day, and we can measure this through different successes like value through resilience, value through differentiation and value through reputation.?

Each of the priority areas plays a key role in developing the potential investment opportunities. Reinhard said investment opportunities within Infrastructure & Connectivity supply and demand continue to build momentum.

?And how we can continue the momentum for funding U.S. infrastructure projects and getting more organizations into helping and partnering with us,? Reinhard said. ?We look at the demand side, we’re looking at addressing infrastructure and logistics constraints, and then developing sustainable production practices, and exploring alternative pathways to advancing the processing of industrial grade soybean technologies.?

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