Senator Ernst discusses bill on eggs and substitutes

by | Feb 8, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

As we see more choices showing up on grocery store shelves, consumers start to ask about what products are what. In many cases, they are taking what they read on the label as a genuine representation of the products they want to purchase. With the increase of products meant to be substitutes for certain food products, some are concerned that we need to have clarity in labeling.

It started with milk. We have seen more and more products that are meant to be alternatives to animal-based dairy products but are still labeled as “milk.” Now it is happening with eggs. This issue hits closer to home in Iowa, as we are the top egg-producing state. Like with Milk, we are seeing action being taken in Congress to allow clear labeling for eggs and egg alternatives.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is supporting this bi-partisan bill. She tells us more about the situation.

Ernst says this is not about taking choice away from consumers. If you want a plant-based egg substitute, that is perfectly fine. However, the legislation says that products should not be labeled as “eggs” if they are not. It seems like a straightforward change to make on the packaging.

Ernst says that she hopes this bill get across get across the finish line, but expects there to be resistance from the companies producing these alternative egg products. Ernst is also hopeful that this bill will lead to broader discussions about food labeling.