Secretary Naig returns from trade trip to Mexico

by | Feb 28, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Last week Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig embarked on a trade trip to Mexico. Our southern neighbor is one of our most important trading partners in the world. We must keep the dialogue open through the agreements and the disputes that we have with each other. We must find a way to keep one of the globe’s most lucrative trade partnerships flourishing.

Secretary Naig talks about the trip and the importance of continuing to cultivate this partnership.

Naig says that he cannot be there to make trade negotiations, as those are all done at the federal level. However, our trading partners need to know that we also are trying to do what we can to help find resolutions. We understand what it means to our trading partners and we communicate what it means for us as well.

Naig finished up by talking about what the future looks like for our trading partnership, in terms of growth.