Rooftop farms becoming more popular in urban areas

by | Jul 10, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

More and more, consumers are looking to produce their own food or have a better understanding of where the food comes from. However, land is hard to come by inside of urban sprawl. There are some community gardens, but they are limited to how many people can participate. Converting unused space to usable crop production is becoming a hot idea nationwide.

If we look at the nation’s capital as an example, we can talk about how much unusable space is being converted. Washington, D.C. is just about 70 square miles, and a lot of rooftop space is available. Kristoff Grina is a co-founder and farm manager for Up Top Acres, and he talks about their efforts to find more ways to restore nature in urban settings.

The rooftop farms are being limited only by the imagination of the people working on them. It’s not just a few tomatoes and green beans.

When you see one of their rooftop farms, it isn’t just walking up to raised garden beds. You are going to have an experience.

Rooftop farms are becoming another money maker for companies and property owners. It is a large upfront investment, but the return on investment has been huge.