Replanting needs to be thought out

by | May 24, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

It is that time of year when we see crops emerge, and thunderstorms can wipe out a whole field in short order. That doesn?t mean it can?t happen later, but it is the time we tend to see more hail and such. It is also the time when we have the best opportunity to hit the reset button if a field is wiped out.

Replanting is nothing new, we have all done it from time to time. However, there are many things we should consider for replanting. It is not something we should take lightly. Jim Smart is a research and teaching agronomist for Ag Spectrum. He talks about common mistakes farmers have made when replanting.

Sometimes, you have just a small patch in the field that you need to replant. Jim Smart says there are things to consider when you are looking at that situation.

When it comes to replanting, you also need to be aware of what plant nutrition products you have already used.

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