RCIS proud to have stood by farmers in 2019

by | Jan 2, 2020 | 5 Ag Stories, News, Trade Talk 2019

Insurance programs for agriculture were really put to the test in 2019. Farmers were diligent about making sure they were covered for many scenarios. However, time was often the enemy. Look no further than the prevent plant acres we saw in 2019. Deadlines were always breathing down farmers? necks and Mother Nature never gave us a break. So, what can we learn from a year like that?

It seems the common question insurance professionals had to answer from farmers was, ?What happens if I can?t do whatever by whenever?? George Underwood is with Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS). He says farmers learned some hard lessons last year. Just like with your crop plan strategy, preparation is your best friend in insurance as well.

Underwood says it was just as crazy of a year for their insurance adjusters. Some of them using unconventional means to make sure they were getting to their customers. In the end, their business is the success of the farmers.

Underwood said we saw some records this year, both in claims and in prevent plant acres. He commends the work of their agents in making sure the farmers were taken care of.

For more information on RCIS, visit their website.