Protect crops from increasing corn rootworm pressure

by | Nov 28, 2018 | 5 Ag Stories, News, Trade Talk 2018

Unpredictable weather events can hinder crop development.

Certain weather conditions can aid in the development of corn rootworm. However, weather is not the only factor benefiting the resistant pest.

An agribusiness professional outlines what to expect in regards to pest pressure in the upcoming growing season. He also shares ways to prevent damages caused by such pests.

AUDIO: Jim Lappin, AMVAC

The Iowa Soybean Association continues to partner with Iowa State University, Monsanto and AMVAC to better understand what corn rootworm pressures individual farmers are facing. Jim Lappin, AMVAC crop marketing manager, says the group continues to see an increase in corn rootworm pressure.

?(This) is concerning because of the traits out there. All four commercial traits have experienced field level resistance in Iowa,? Lappin said. ?Herculex, which is the last trait that hadn?t had a lot of resistance, had been identified this last year with the resistant populations in Iowa.?

These traits may have previously ?failed? to protect crops from corn rootworm pressure. However, Lappin says ?those traits aren?t going to fail every time.? He says growers can conquer the resistant pest by being proactive.

?There?s no rescue treatment for rootworm, so you have to be proactive,? Lappin said. ?Our message to growers is to select the hybrid based off the yield potential and then build your insect strategy around the hybrid.?

AMVAC reports a nine bushel per acre advantage from using a soil applied insecticide.

?You think about traits today, they all have a refuge in a bag. You have five- to 10-percent of plants out there naked, with no protection. The soil applied insecticide is not only protecting refuge in a bag plants, but also giving you a higher level of protection on the other plants as well,? Lappin said.

Lappin provides an overview of AMVAC?s soil applied insecticide portfolio.

?We?ve launched more high concentration products. They (growers) may be familiar with Aztec? HC. Aztec? HC gives you the ability to plant more acres between fills. We?re also introducing a new product for those growers who like to use (the) Force? insecticide, which has predominantly been available as Force? 3G. We?re now offering a Force? 10G, (which is) more concentrated with a use rate of 1.4 pounds per acre. Again, more time to plant, but still giving you the performance you demand and need to get those ultimate yields you desire,? Lappin said.