Proper range and pasture management makes a difference

by | Dec 13, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

It is easy to see how range and pasture management could get put on the back burner of a cattle operation. After all, as long as Mother Nature is not in a bad mood, your pasture ground is going to fill out with grasses for forage on its own. However, that only tells a small part of the story. Without proper management also comes weed pressure and therefore less edible grass for your cattle.

Katie Koenig is a range and pasture specialist with Corteva and she says that there will soon be a new weed control solution available for producers that preserves nutritious feed for livestock.

ProClova™ herbicide is currently submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency for registration.

Koenig says the ability to preserve white clover and annual lespedeza makes ProClova a unique product.

For more general weed control Koenig says there are more options from Corteva.

She says DuraCor® also has the unique ability to be applied in tandem with fertilizer.

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