Producers find value in expanding on-farm storage

by | Mar 19, 2019 | 5 Ag Stories, Commodity Classic 2019, News

Farmers continue to increase productivity, capturing substantial yields each harvest.

Heightened production levels leads to increased storage needs.

AUDIO: John Tuttle, BROCK?

United States farmers and ranchers invest in larger on-farm storage options as they position themselves and assess their needs from a marketing standpoint.

John Tuttle, marketing director for BROCK?, says farmers have been purchasing larger grain bins.

?The most common size for on-farm is 50,000 (bushels) plus,? Tuttle said. ?We still do smaller bins for soybeans and smaller operators, but the cost per bushel becomes attractive in that 50,000 bushel range.?

BROCK? offers a vast selection of grain bins. Its offerings have gotten ?bigger? with demand.

?We continue to get bigger,? Tuttle said. ?We have a two-million bushel grain bin. We?re doing larger wet holding, hopper bottom bins to feed dryers. Dryers are getting bigger, and that?s where it?s moving. It keeps getting bigger.?

Tuttle also makes note of an increased demand for dryers.

?Combines are bigger. The opportunity to capture that harvest window – getting the crop out of the field before it goes down or is affected by wind – is important. And technology has improved. (There is) a lot more automation (and) accuracy with moisture control now, so we see a lot of guys investing in dryers,? Tuttle said.