One thousand pounds of pig

by | Aug 10, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The Big Boar contest at the Iowa State Fair is annually one of the biggest draws at the swine barn and this year was no exception. Despite a small field of contestants, a big crowd was on hand Monday for the show to see which boar tipped the scales at the heaviest weight.

SasQuatch, a Red Wattle boar from Winthrop Iowa is the 2023 Iowa State Big Boar. The hog weighed in at 1,012 pounds on Monday at the Swine Barn and co-owner Charles Bieber from Waukon says that SasQuatch was always at an advantage to become a big pig.

SasQuatch defeated runner-up Big Joe. The Yorkshire-Landrace cross from Muscatine weighed in at 894 pounds.

Animals in the big boar contest often supplement their regular feed diet with junk food and sometimes even beer to pack on the pounds. Bieber says that he and co-owner Ken Kehrli stuck to the basics with SasQuatch.

Co-owner Ken Kehrli from Winthrop Iowa had a big family contingent on hand at the show Monday. His father Wilbur Kehrli from Manchester Iowa says that the family has a long tradition of raising and showing pigs.

Despite Sasquatch’s weight being over 1,000 pounds, he still carries an athletic frame. Wilbur Kehrli says that SasQuatch was happy to put on a show in the ring.

The 2023 Super Bull contest takes place at 7pm Monday at the Iowa State Fair.