Nutrien Ag Solutions says flexibility is the most important lesson learned

by | Jan 2, 2020 | 5 Ag Stories, News, Trade Talk 2019

A year ago, we were doing all we could to finish up with the 2018 growing season. Some people didn?t finish until January of this year. When it was over, we all certainly thought there was no way 2019 could be worse. However, Mother Nature came back and said, ?You ain?t seen nothing yet.? We learned a lot of hard lessons this past year, but flexibility should have been the biggest lesson learned.

David Elser of Nutrien Ag Solutions says that flexibility is something farmers need to have. He says Nutrien brings that flexibility to their customers.

Elser says considering the year we had, things could have been much worse. Those who were flexible made the right choices as the challenges came at us.

Elser says Nutrien Ag Solutions is helping farmers take these lessons and look at what can be done to adapt in 2020.

Elser says Nutrien can offer you that partner with the connections you need if plan A goes up in smoke. They can already be formulating plans B, C, and D, and getting the details out of the way so you can focus on growing your crop.

To find your local Nutrien Ag Solutions team and see the options they can bring you, log on to their website.